Singer Life

Client Details

Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC

Services Provided

Business Automation & Mobile Application Development

Project Timeline

Phase 1 & 2 Completed. Phase 3 Ongoing

Project Overview

Singer is the market leader in Sri Lanka’s consumer durables industry, with an unmatched reach of over 5.7 million customers and a penetration of nearly 30% of the country’s population.

Singer Life is a mobile solution designed for over 3,000 Singer staff members to stay connected and promote awareness of Singer’s core values. The platform encourages employees to practice corporate values through a reward system and a ranking system. By engaging with Selfy, staff members can earn points and achieve ranks, fostering a culture of recognition and continuous improvement within the organization.

What does Singer Life App Do?

The main focus of the Singer Life app is to build awareness of the core value system implemented within the organization. In addition to promoting awareness, the app features a built-in reward system that encourages users to engage and provide reviews for each other’s achievements. This fosters a collaborative environment for growth, where employees are motivated to recognize and celebrate their peers’ successes, contributing to a positive and supportive workplace culture.