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OKI International School

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Mobile Education App

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Project Overview

OKI International School Network is a fully private school catering to students from Preschool to Advanced Level through Cambridge International curriculum as well as the Sri Lankan National curriculum.

Databox was selected by the OKI team to implement a student activity and engagement solution for pre-school students. This project presented a unique challenge, as it required creating activities tailored to a very sensitive age group. We had to develop designs and interactions that would keep these young children engaged, maintaining their interest while providing a meaningful learning experience. Through innovative approaches and careful consideration of the developmental needs of preschoolers, we successfully created an engaging and educational solution.

How we did it?

We recognized that pre-schoolers are not our typical users, so we collaborated closely with experts in the field. By partnering with certified professionals from OKI School, we digitalized their teaching approach, leveraging our expertise in education and mobile solutions. The result was a phenomenal success. The OKI mobile app was enthusiastically embraced by both students and parents, standing out among other off-the-shelf solutions.