General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University - Intake Examination

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General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University

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Online Exam Management As A Service

Project Timeline


Project Overview

KDU holds a placement examination annually to select students for their undergraduate programs. In a bid to embrace digital solutions, improve efficiency, and reduce costs, KDU decided to conduct their 2023 placement test digitally. Dialog Edumix was chosen for this task, as KDU’s Faculty of Graduate Studies had already had a very satisfying experience using Edumix to conduct their lectures. This transition to a digital platform marked a significant step forward in modernizing the examination process.

Pre-Preparation Process

The KDU Placement Test consists of 35 different exam papers, assigned to students based on the programs they have applied for. System configuration was done by Edumix team based on the requirement given by the KDU Faculty Team.

  1. Preparing Question Banks:

    • KDU provided the question banks, which were then configured and quality assured by the Edumix team.
    • The question banks underwent a thorough review and approval process by KDU faculty members.
    • The Edumix system enabled lecturers to preview the questions exactly as the students would see them.
  2. Setting Up Exam Papers:

    • Final exam papers were generated on the fly for each student using a “Stratified Random Sampling” method.
    • This strategy ensured fairness and uniqueness for each exam paper.
  3. Creating User Accounts:

    • User accounts were created based on the admissions list provided by the KDU team.
    • These accounts remained locked, with credentials not shared until the day of the exam when students were physically present.
  4. Allocating Time Slots:

    • Time slots were allocated to each student for their respective exam papers.
    • Students were only allowed to sit for the exams they had applied for, with papers becoming accessible at the configured time.

Onsite Support

As the technical service provider, Edumix deployed on-site technical support staff at five locations across the country where the KDU examination was held. This ensured that no technical interruptions would arise, providing a smooth and uninterrupted experience for the students during their exams.