FluentMe by Malith Kodagoda

Client Details

Malith Kodagoda

Services Provided

Ceonceptualize and Develop eLearning mobile and webapp

Project Timeline

Continuously Upgrading

Project Overview

FluentMe is a revolutionary product introduced by Malith Kodagoda, who specializes in spoken English training and lectures for adult students in Sri Lanka. FluentMe provides a unique opportunity for users to practice speaking English with friendly speakers, offering a real and immersive language experience.

With great pride, we highlight the numerous innovations within this little app, making it one of the most unique EduTech solutions in the country. FluentMe stands out for its innovative approach to language learning, providing a supportive and interactive environment for adults to improve their English-speaking skills.

Innovative Approach

FluentMe is a solution designed to enable one-on-one audio and video conversations between an instructor and a student. Creating and maintaining such a solution can be costly, especially when aiming to achieve a high student satisfaction rate. To ensure reliability, the solution must be extremely fault-tolerant.

While most suggested approaches involved expensive streaming servers and third-party APIs, our approach was more innovative and cost-effective. We utilized the free Zoom service to facilitate communication, while maintaining fine-grained control, reporting, and monitoring capabilities, along with the scalability needed for growth.

This out-of-the-box solution has proven to be highly effective, as evidenced by the rapid growth and high satisfaction rates among FluentMe users.