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Family Movers (Pvt) Ltd

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Custom CRM Solution

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Project Overview

Family Movers CRM is a bespoke SASS CRM developed to manage end to end customer lifecycle from inquiries to resource allocation to invoicing to after sales feedbacks and follow ups. This was designed and developed for Family Movers (Pvt.) Ltd considering their unique approach to work and also maintaining the fundamentals of a CRM. Family Movers is the leading company in Sri Lanka that provides relocation services to a vast range of customers from home owners to large corporates.

Before developing the system, the company’s approach was to work with papers and emails. It was working for them at that time, however the scalability was starting to become an issue. It was not viable for them to hire personnel, every time they want to expand hence the decision to use a CRM. They have tried multiple readily available international CRMs well-known to the industry however those were not working out for them with their unique approach.

Our Approach

Our approach to design and develop the system was simple. It was to facilitate and improve efficiency of their current workflow, scalability and room for additions in the future. However, it was evident that the workforce behind the company was not tech-savvy and not completely ready to move to online for the same reason. Therefore, we mutually agreed to keep their system of manual work going parallel to the online system and to develop and deploy the online system in phases to support the learning curve of the staff. This was an instant success as we were able to easily train the staff and getting them used to a system with simple modules.

This is a web platform and user permissions can be managed. The system is developed using Angular and database is done with MySQL. Currently the system facilitates taking inquiries, and sending quotations, converting them to confirmed jobs. Then comes scheduling, resource allocation and management across multiple jobs per day, invoicing and getting after sales feedback. Based on all the data, we were then able to provide the client with a dashboard with statistics and simple analytics to help take decisions regarding the company’s journey.

The Story Continues

e started this journey with Family Movers (Pvt.) Ltd as our first local project back in early 2020 and it still continues. We support continuous maintenance of the system, client support while actively working on expansions to the system in terms of features. It is our hope to grow ourselves while becoming a true factor of our client’s growth